Sunday, September 29, 2013

Vacuum tubes and seminary

I was cleaning out the over head storage in the garage and pulled down a box with old vacuum tube testing equipment. I remember using this type of equipment in college in the 60's. I was working in my brothers mobile home factory and taking Jr. College classes at night. Why was I taking classes in electronics when I had little interest in it? Let me tell you the story.

 A young associate pastor came to our church in Southern California. I remember his arrival in a green 1955 Chevrolet convertible. He had a lovely wife and a child. We became friends and I loaned him my stereo amplifier that I had put together piece by piece from a kit.  He was very interested in Electronics; I was more interested in the music from the stereo. The young pastor came out of a liberal theology seminary and did not believe in the virgin birth. I was young and not very knowledgeable about God's word, but what he said did not set right with me. Our friendship developed and he confided to me that he wished that he had taken electronics in school. I thought I would give it a try and spent many semesters in night classes taking electronics.

In time I realized that this was not for me. Have you ever wasted time pursuing something that was not God's will for you? I did eventually go back to college and got a degree in Industrial arts. Looking back I would have preferred classes in Bible, but maybe I would have been taught wrong in a liberal seminary? The college taught me discipline, but I left college spiritually empty. I moved north and started a cabinet shop with my brothers. It was hot hard work and humbling. I was learning, what I did not want to do.  Knowing what you do not want to do is a step towards finding what you may be gifted to do. After 7 long years I started a Photography business and at the same time found a Bible believing church.  This was 1977. Faith in God and reading the word of God has kept me going,  for it is living and powerful. I believe the whole Bible. Jesus was born of a virgin as the prophet said he would come. I finally found a calling; teaching the word of God and photography too. Looking back at those years of vacuum tube electronics and transistors,  technology has come a long way, but God's word is still true and needed now more than ever. Jesus is the most important pursuit. He is my Lord and my savior and serving him is not a mistake but a joy and a privilege. We come to Jesus and begin our purpose for existing. It is an everlasting joy. In this world we will have tribulations  but He has overcome the world. Christ in us, is our hope of glory and our eternal refuge.

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