Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Prayer of Faith


The prayer of faith
Is the power in man
That moves God to
Supply their needs. 
By it's mighty force
A mountain may be moved,
Even the mountain of 
Accumulated sins.

The prayer of Faith
Will bring a New Birth
Giving life to the spirit again.
The prayer of faith
Will invite the Spirit of God
To come live in the conscience 
Of men.

The prayer of faith
Can heal the bodies of those
Who are crippled by 
Sickness and pain.
The prayer of faith
Lifts them up once more;
Makes them perfectly whole again.

The pray of faith 
Is the power in men
That moves God to 
Answer their cry.
It gives assurance to them,
That in Jesus the Christ
They never, no never will die!

The prayer of faith
Is a power within:
Our confidence in 
Jesus our Lord:
That enables a man
To declare by faith;
Through it I can 
Overcome all.

"So faith cometh by hearing,
And hearing by the word of God."

Hiram D. Bennett
April 11, 2002

Hiram was a friend of our ministry, a personal friend and retired pastor from Missouri. His wife Jean was a Sunday School teacher.

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