Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Changing Patriotism

Patriotism : Love or devotion to one's country. Memorial day, Independence day, these have always been patriotic days in America. I am seeing this being changed on a local level. Can we say we are devoted to a nation that has been willfully changed into something else? When we salute the flag it is because we trust in God, "under God, with liberty and justice for all." I see organizations who are opposed to the America that I love.  The ACLU, The American Civil Liberties Union, is anything but American, nor is it civil concerning Christian America.

I have been a member in bands that for years have played patriotic marches on the 4th of July and Memorial day. For the last several years we have not been playing publicly for Independance day. The excuse is we have become too big, for the platform, so patriotic marches are replaced by rock music, loud and uncivil. A rebellious clanging of amplified guitars and drums. Contrary to the song, Rock and Roll did not make America great.

Yesterday was Memorial day and for the last twenty years we have had a patriotic concert, special speakers, prayer and the honoring of veterans and the memories of departed loved ones. This has been the custom for a hundred and fifty years. For weeks I had been waiting for this day, having received a band newsletter to be ready by 10. AM to play the patriotic music. I arrived early and there were few people there. Usually there are chairs set up for the band and all along the street for the retired older military to sit and then to stand when their branch of the military service is honored in song or in music from the band. There were no seats and no people. Had I misread the day and the time? No, I called home and my daughter looked up the news bulletin I had read, concerning the event. I was ready at the time stated, but no one was there. My wife said, to wait longer, but I did not want to wait. Instead we drove to a nearby Veterans Hall and as we approached the entrance, we heard the band playing. The celebration had been moved off of public land to a private Veterans hall. It was too late for me to join in with the band. Apparently I was overlooked, I was one of the band members from another city twenty miles away and had not attended the rehearsal. I knew the music and I thought I knew America, but it is changing by design. I wlll look to the God that does not change, the God America was founded on. America may have fallen away from it's former glory, but those who love God will continue. My citizenship is in the kingdom of God. May we all lift up the sound of praise to  our King Jesus who remains faithful and true.

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