Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Call To Repentance

(Introduction to Zephaniah 2)

To understand the times we need to understand the gods that were and are being worshiped. The behavior of a people in large part is tied to the gods they serve. King Hezekiah's son Manasseh became the king of Judah and ruled for almost fifty years. He brought the pagan gods of the heathen nations to Judah and set up statues in the temple in Jerusalem and made groves and high places for worshiping the gods, such as Baal and Molech. Idolatry, wizards, star gazing and the worship of the planets, sun and moon were done in this wicked time. Judah had left their true LORD God and the LORD was about to judge them and the surrounding nations. Manasseh was captured and taken to Ninevah and during this time he repented and returned to the God of Israel. He was returned to be king for a year. He took down the idols and statues from the temple in Jerusalem and repaired the altar. The next king was Ammon who returned back to the idols. He reigned for two years and then his son Josiah began to reign. Josiah brought reforms and the law was read once again. From this time of revival Daniel was taught.

The God of America is the God of Israel. We worship him and come to him through faith in his son Jesus Christ who died to remove our sins and who is risen from the grave. We serve a living God. There are other gods in the world. The god of Islam is not the God of Israel. There are gods of pleasure, entertainment and hedonism in our nation. Secular humanism puts a human as god. The environmentalists have the goddess gaia, a mythical Greek god. This is the godess mother earth.This goddess is of those who believe in evolution combined with pantheism. The Goddess mother earth is seen as a living organism with humans seen as parasites or germs to be controlled. Laws are passed that are bad for humanity including the killing of babies, abortion, and same sex marriage that undermines the healthy family structure. This explains the various laws for the environment that are against jobs and the betterment of humanity and the foundational Christian values.The laws of God are ignored and removed from public life and the constitution that was inspired from God's laws is being ignored. Judgment would come and will come to those who turn from the true God of Israel and follow other false gods. The Day of the  LORD is a time of wrath on the nations who sin against God. It is time for the humble to trust in the true God who will keep them from the day of judgment. Let the LORD God be your hiding place from the Day of the LORD.

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