Thursday, May 23, 2013

The causes of Saul's death

The Holy Spirit writes through the author the transgressions that resulted in the LORD withdrawing from King Saul and allowing his death. The Bible shows the accounts of Saul's death. First came a mortal wound by a Philistine arrow, and then Saul not wanting to be tortured, fell on his own sword. (1 Sam 31:3-6) Later an Amalekite came to David with a story of seeing Saul leaning on his sword but still alive: ""So I stood over him and killed him, because I was sure that he could not live after he had fallen. And I took the crown that was on his head and the bracelet that was on his arm, and have brought them here to my lord' (2 Sam 1:1-10)

1Ch 10:13 So Saul died for his transgression which he committed against the LORD, even against the word of the LORD, which he kept not, and also for asking counsel of one that had a familiar spirit, to enquire of it;
1Ch 10:14 And enquired not of the LORD: therefore he slew him, and turned the kingdom unto David the son of Jesse.

The Spirit of the LORD had left Saul years before because he would not obey God. He also blamed someone else for his own transgressions.

1Sa 15:23 For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from being king.
1Sa 15:24 And Saul said unto Samuel, I have sinned: for I have transgressed the commandment of the LORD, and thy words: because I feared the people, and obeyed their voice.
1Sa 15:25 Now therefore, I pray thee, pardon my sin, and turn again with me, that I may worship the LORD.
1Sa 15:26 And Samuel said unto Saul, I will not return with thee: for thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, and the LORD hath rejected thee from being king over Israel.

1Sa 15:30 Then he said, I have sinned: yet honour me now, I pray thee, before the elders of my people, and before Israel,...

He wanted to look good before the people instead of following God and obeying him. We have the seem problem in our nation today. Deception and cover up. The final transgression was when he consulted a medium instead of the Living God of Israel.

Exo_20:3 Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

Continuously disobeying God will cause him to withdraw from a king or a nation. The final act of disobedience was to trust in another god. Our nation and it's leaders are guilty of withdrawing from God. The supreme court is deciding whether or not to allow prayer in public meetings. The final condemnation will be to remove our motto "In God We Trust", and to serve another god. That god could even be an antichrist person. When tragedies come to our nation, do we blame God whom we have ignored and removed from our midst? Who will the blamers blame? Who else but the children of God who trust God and obey him. Hang on to the Lord it is going to be quite a ride -  but we shall be with him the Lord now and forever more. Praise God and pray that America and it's leaders will repent and turn back to the God of our fathers.

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