Saturday, May 4, 2013


1 Kings 9:10 Now at the end of the twenty years during which Solomon built the Temple of the LORD and the royal palace,
11 Solomon gave twenty towns in the land of Galilee to King Hiram of Tyre as payment for all the cedar and cypress lumber and gold he had furnished for the construction of the buildings.
12 Hiram came from Tyre to see the towns Solomon had given him, but he was not at all pleased with them.
13 "What kind of towns are these, my brother?" he asked. "These towns are worthless!" So Hiram called that area Cabul -- "worthless" -- as it is still known today.
14 Hiram had sent Solomon nine thousand pounds of gold. (NLT)

Hiram was not pleased with the gift from Solomon of twenty towns. King Hiram of Tyre called them  "Cabel". Good for nothing, worthless, dirty. The land of Israel was an inheritance given by God through the covenant of Abraham and lastly through a covenant with David.

2 Sam 7:13  He shall build an house for my name, and I will stablish the throne of his kingdom for ever.

Solomon may have made a shrewd deal by giving the towns to his friend King Hiram of Tyre, who did so much in supplying building materials, craftsmen and gold for building the temple. Hiram was given twenty cities, but the land was still belonging to Israel. How much income would there be from these cities?

My thoughts go to our nation and the territories that are owned by the native Indians. A lot of money is being generated in these tribes by gambling casinos. What do casinos have to do with Indians? In my eyes they are spiritually "Cabul" worthless and a shame to the heritage and traditions of the tribes. But, they are a big money maker for them and for the gambling industry, a way to get around the laws of the States. Greed is the motive. Spiritually Hiram could have an affect on the twenty cities for good or for greed. How about the great debt our nation is generating? Foreign nations are buying our land as investments. Some are making cities inhabited by the people of their countries, but some are bringing jobs. People who hate America are taking over cities. Our land may be forfeited by our indebtedness, especially if we continue as a nation to turn from God.

Solomon was at his beginning of great increase for all his people. They worshiped God in their lovely temple and God blessed them. Our nation was like this too, but we like Israel eventually turned from God and lost all the blessings. A Remnant stayed faithful, we are to be faithful too. America will be good and great only if it's people are good and love God. Idolatry has destroyed many nations. Pray for our nation, people of God and pray for our leaders before they will consider God's people as worthless in their eyes. God is greater look to Him and be faithful. We belong to another kingdom and we are the blessed of God.

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