Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Music from the heart

John 4:24  God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

Sunday our Old Time Gospel Music Group played at a local church after the Sunday service for their annual picnic. Our group was fed hamburgers and macaroni salad and then we set up to play in the noonday shade of the church office building. This church, like many has put away their hymn books and they sing modern music, that no one knows, led by a young music director. Our group played the old hymns and had a great time. Several joined in, using their old hymn books to sing along with us. We know hundreds of the old hymns by heart.

Monday night I joined a local community band at the Monday night concert in the park. It was HOT, 103 degrees. Acorns from a tree kept falling on our heads and into the upright Tuba. They looked like rabbit pellets. We played marches and show tunes featuring music by Henry Mancini. A lot of the music I was not familiar with and just read the notes. There is a big difference in reading notes and playing from the heart. The LORD wants us to worship him from the heart and not by mouthing words. 

I really  am not touched by much of the new Christian music and I cannot sing it from my heart like the old hymns of the faith. I understand that they want to appeal to the young people, but why imitate their music? Is it pleasing to the LORD?

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