Monday, April 7, 2014

Best Friends

Only once in a lifetime, from beginning to end,
God provides a person who's a real, true friend.
There may be many others come into your life,
Some close enough to become husband or wife.
Only God knows the far reaches of your Soul,
While most others are just playing a role,
Acquaintances who are maintaining a stance
To benefit themselves, if they get the chance.
They are indifferent and only pretend
That they are someone on whom you can depend.
And relationships stagnate because love isn't there,
They are shallow and weak because 
they just don't care.
Then a different kind comes into your life.
Who is not meant to become husband or wife
This is one whom God selects and sends
Into your life so you may become best friends.
Whose only interest in whatever you do
Is just in being a good friend to you,
This is one in whom you can always confide,
And you don't have anything you have to hide.
This is a person who radiates God's love
In a Friendship that's ordained from Heaven above.
And no matter what happens, from beginning to end,
Is content to be what God sent, A friend.

By F. W. (Lucky) Hope

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