Monday, January 16, 2012

The Convert

Salvation is something urgently needed. Do not be surprised if many do not continue in faith after accepting the LORD. Each one has things to overcome and the new mind comes from reading the Bible. The change is instant and it takes a life time. That seems like a contradiction, but God is master of contradictions that lead to his perfect truth. His way is perfect but our thinking often is flawed. God knows who are his. Some saved by the blood of the Lamb as by fire, nothing remaining but their acceptance of the gospel message. These are as it were saved by the skin of their teeth, it is a God thing by their believing in the name of Jesus. It is sad to see people receive Jesus and then run from the church, the word and themselves. Satan doesn't let go easy; old habits continue. The thoughts people have can keep them from growing. They need the thoughts of God. They need the mind of Christ.

How fast did you grow after salvation? If in a Bible teaching church the growth is faster. A new believer is as a babe and needs care and discipling. The young want to experience life, often it is closer to death, for sins lead to death. Jesus has paid for our sins and we owe him our very lives. There is the picture of carrying our cross daly, dying to self. We are to be renewed by reading the word of God and doing what it says. Remember, that new convert has many choices to make, they need focus and growth. Many start out good, faces glowing like angels, but life crushes their faith until that time of renewal. What if one could receive the LORD and as a runner continue with all his best for Christ running the race? Paul did it, it is possible.

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