Friday, July 21, 2017


Pro 11:11  Blessings from the honest people living in a city will make it great, but the things evil people say can destroy it. 
Pro 11:12  Stupid people say bad things about their neighbors. Wise people know to be quiet. 
Pro 11:13  People who tell secrets about others cannot be trusted. Those who can be trusted keep quiet. 
Pro 11:14  A nation without wise leaders will fall. Many good advisors make a nation safe. (ERV)

God blesses his faithful people and those around them are blessed, but evil people speak hateful lies. When Japan had their tsunami, the people worked together helping one another. In our nation of complainers and scorners, if we had a national disaster there would be looting from the complainers and there are many of them who would take from others. The blessed would continue to bless by helping the needy. You are known by your fruit.

Having good advisers is a help to a wise leader yet even the wise may be fooled by a false friend; someone who tells secrets or undermines your work. This is what our president Trump must contend with. He needs good advisers, but he wants to be able to trust them. There are a lot of evil people seeking to destroy what is good. We are to be a blessing, friendly, but also wise for the enemy seeks to destroy good works. Pray for our president and our nation.

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