Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Republican Chat Room

I began to get onto AOL in June of 1998. I was drawn to the numerous Chat rooms. This was new to me and new to America, this American thing where strangers met behind a screen name to say anything that came out of their hearts. This was a true pioneer thing, a new movement of souls into new territory. I felt a call to minister in the Chat rooms where people could be themselves without social stigma. Everyone was on an even footing, but I soon saw the strife, the battles of good and evil. My desire was to be in a chat where there was no strife, a place of peace and open sharing about the things of God. I wanted a Christian place wihout the strife of the AOL made Christian rooms. This is how our Christian chats began. The member made AOL Chats were numerous  and so were the regular AOL rooms. A Born Again room would always be full to the 36 person limit and anoher room would appear. Born Again 2, then, 3, up to Born Again 6 at times.

This all began before 911, 2001 and the attack on America. I began to make converts through the word of God and by the work of God, two years before 2001 and two years after. It was a thing of God. During this time hundreds were led to Jesus. Most notably were Sarah, the Free family and one of the last people saved in the chats was Susy Sunshine who faithfully sends out here encouraging Bible verses and pictures as a ministry. She has remained on AOL as my ministry friend for over eleven years.

The AOL chats began to thin out with new ways to get on the Internet. The Christian Chats were fewer and to go online on AOL, looking at the chats there were numerous chats made by people that were evil. Morality had further declined and it was like the time of Noah as described in the Bible.

Mat 24:37  "When the Son of Man comes, it will be the same as what happened during Noah's time. 
Mat 24:38  In those days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving their children to be married right up to the day Noah entered the boat. 
Mat 24:39  They knew nothing about what was happening until the flood came and destroyed them all. "It will be the same when the Son of Man comes. (ERV)

Our Eaglewings Ministry has continued on AOL with Bible meetings and praise three times a week. Faithful people of God come into the rooms to share and magnify the Lord. Jesus is Lord. Recently some have been given notice that they had to leave the old AOL to the new AOL Gold. Verizon has taken over AOL and they are redoing AOL and asking for a monthly free. I am on AOL Gold now. The web browser is an improved Chrome Browser. The function of emails and chats have continued, but in a scaled down version. The letters only have black and white and access to the computer files from AOL no longer works. The chats are all empty except for one called Politics - Republicans.  In that room I have counted 21 people. No one is happy with AOL Gold, it is a basic version that looks like it was made as a high school project.

What is happening? God gave us a miracle in the election that changed the direction America was heading. Like the old AOL chats America was full of evil things. I see this time as a reset button, another chance to repent and turn to God. Noah's boat is ready, Jesus is calling you to enter in with him. It is time to bring your family into the Ark. Will you get on board the boat and be with Jesus as the Day of the Lord approaches?

Isa 13:9  Look, the LORD'S special day is coming! It will be a terrible day. God will be very angry. He will destroy the country and wipe out the sinful people who live there. 
Isa 13:10  The skies will be dark. The sun, the moon, and the stars will not shine. 
Isa 13:11  The Lord says, "I will cause bad things to happen to the world. I will punish the evil people for their sin. I will make proud people lose their pride. I will stop the bragging of cruel people. 
Isa 13:12  There will be only a few people left. They will be as rare as pure gold. 
Isa 13:13  In my anger I will shake the sky, and the earth will be moved from its place." That will happen on the day the LORD All-Powerful shows his anger. 

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