Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Testing a godly man

Job 1:1  There was a man named Job who lived in the country of Uz. He was a good, honest man. He respected God and refused to do evil. 

In the midst of great suffering Job said:

Job 31:4  God is the one who knows what I do and sees every step I take. 
Job 31:5  "I have not lied to anyone. I never tried to cheat people. 
Job 31:6  If God would use accurate scales, he would know that I am innocent. 
Job 31:7  If I ever stepped off the right path, if my eyes led my heart to do evil, or if my hands are dirty with sin, 
Job 31:8  then let others eat what I planted. Let my crops be pulled up by the roots. 

Job was the most righteous man of his time. He knew that God was watching him and he wanted to please God. The LORD had a good word about Job while talking to the angels and satan.

Job 1:8  Then the LORD said to Satan, "Have you noticed my servant Job? There is no one on earth like him. He is a good, faithful man. He respects God and refuses to do evil." 
Job 1:9  Satan answered the LORD, "But Job has a good reason to respect you. 
Job 1:10  You always protect him,...

The LORD responded to satan, allowing satan to afflict Job as a test. Now no one wants their faith to be tested by pain and affliction, but sometimes we must by faith endure and go through things. This would not be the last time that satan would cause harm to God's people, although I believe that we are under God's protection when we are in Jesus Christ. One thing is for sure, our righteousness is not of our self, it is by trusting that the blood of Jesus has atoned for our sins. Our righteousness is the righteousness of Christ. Like Job before us, we trust God and seek to do Good. Faith that cannot be tested cannot be trusted. Through all of our pain we are to trust the LORD. He will never leave us nor forsake us.

1Pe 1:5  God's power protects you through your faith, and it keeps you safe until your salvation comes. That salvation is ready to be given to you at the end of time. 
1Pe 1:6  I know the thought of that is exciting, even if you must suffer through different kinds of troubles for a short time now. 
1Pe 1:7  These troubles test your faith and prove that it is pure. And such faith is worth more than gold. Gold can be proved to be pure by fire, but gold will ruin. When your faith is proven to be pure, the result will be praise and glory and honor when Jesus Christ comes. 

Keep going, for our glory with Christ is our enduring reward.

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