Sunday, December 15, 2013

Well fed

Between lunch and our 2:30 rest home ministry, I stopped by a local park. The camera was in the car so surely there should be something interesting to see. I saw this big fluffy homeless cat that looked well fed. He was well fed, for someone had a large supply of cat food and watering bowls out in the brush. There was even something similar to a dog house. I cannot call it a cat house, but it was a shelter. The stray cats were not alone scavenging in the park for there were many homeless, street people there as well. No food was poured out on the ground, in fact there is an ordinance preventing the feeding of stray humans. The local Rescue Mission has meals for the homeless. A new policy at the mission has made it so that they do not have to sit for a gospel message in order to receive free food. Always in the past the people were fed the word of God before feeding them. I suppose this is progressive? Perhaps some of the support comes from non Christian sources? Once outsiders start paying the bills, then they start telling you what to do. They say there is separation of church and state. In truth it is the state separating people from the Christian religion.

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