Monday, August 15, 2016

Wisdom from Job

Job 12:10  Every animal that lives and everyone who breathes-- they are all under God's power. 
Job 12:11  But just as the tongue tastes food, the ears test the words they hear. 
Job 12:12  People say, 'Wisdom is to be found in those who are old. Long life brings understanding.' 
Job 12:13  But wisdom and power belong to God. Good advice and understanding are his. 
Job 12:14  Anything God tears down cannot be rebuilt. Anyone he puts in prison cannot be set free. 
Job 12:15  If he holds back the rain, the earth will dry up. If he lets the rain loose, it will flood the land. 
Job 12:16  God is strong and always wins. He controls those who fool others and those who are fooled. 
Job 12:17  He strips advisors of their wisdom and makes leaders act like fools. 
Job 12:18  He strips kings of their authority and makes them slaves. 
Job 12:19  He strips priests of their power and removes those who feel so secure in their position. 
Job 12:20  He makes trusted advisors be silent. He takes away the wisdom of the older leaders. 
Job 12:21  He brings disgrace to important people. He takes power away from rulers. 
Job 12:22  He exposes even the darkest secrets. He sends light into places that are as dark as death. 
Job 12:23  God makes nations great, and then he destroys them. He makes nations grow large, and then he scatters their people. 
Job 12:24  He makes their leaders foolish. He makes them wander around in the desert. 
Job 12:25  They are like someone feeling their way in the dark. They are like drunks who don't know where they are going.  (ERV)

God is all knowing and powerful. He Blessed Job and also took away his blessings, yet Job feared God and was given understanding even when his friends accused him of wrong doing. The LORD can turn things one way or another. Mankind seeks their own way, but they must learn that God is greater and understanding comes from him. We are in a time when God can turn things around for his glory making the worldly wise as fools. It is a time to test every thought by the spirit of God. Those who are not of God's spirit he may use to build or to tear down. God is over all things, but only by trusting him do we go through trials and testings. Through good times and bad he is exalted and our faith in him brings blessings. LORD shine your light in the darkness. Uncover corruption and by your spirit bring truth and respect for your holiness. 

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