Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Guests

This story took place early, in fact it was two weeks ago that I witnessed guests coming as my wife and I were sitting in chairs in the front yard. Tom Turkey was in a hurry.

There were four turkeys running in the street across from us. They were in our suburb unafraid of man or dogs, "gobbling" down anything that tasted good from the different lawns.

These were lovely turkeys.

They found one lawn with leaves, and they began feasting. This is the yard that has two big dogs who play in it when their owner is home. The dogs spend a lot of time in this yard and are friendly; perhaps there were bits of dog food left in the yard?

Tom takes a quick look into the house and then he noticed a "welcome" sign.

I noticed another turkey head, making it five turkeys, the number of grace. God had given them grace this day. The rest of the story is my imagination. The "rafter" flock heeded the welcome sign and headed for the front  door where the owner met them with a big smile. Inside the two big dogs were wagging their friendly tails. A tablecloth was spread on the kitchen floor and it was covered with bird seed and in the center was a bowl of cool water. After dinner the old man of the house got out his well weathered fiddle and began playing "Turkey in the Straw". The birds and dogs danced around in delightttttttttttttttttttttt...well? It could happen like this when Jesus returns, all will be peace with man and beast and turkeys too. 
Peace be with you.

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