Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Favor or Folly

Rth 2:15 And when she was risen up to glean, Boaz commanded his young men, saying, Let her glean even among the sheaves, and reproach her not:
Rth 2:16 And let fall also some of the handfuls of purpose for her, and leave them, that she may glean them, and rebuke her not.
Rth 2:17 So she gleaned in the field until even, and beat out that she had gleaned: and it was about an ephah of barley.

Faith in the God of Israel and faithful diligence brought provision to Ruth. She had found favor as she put forth effort in what she knew to do. She had harvested an ephah of barley for Naomi and herself. This was about a bushel or 5 gallons of barley.

At this time in our nations history we are headed towards socialism. The government takes from the wealthy and gives to those who do not want to work. Class warfare is used to divide and anger the people, while the wealthy politicians live wasteful lives of personal indulgence. Ruth knew what was best and it is best for us too. Faith in God and hard work produces favor from God and man. If we allow men who want to be worshipped to rule over us, America will be destroyed; but they cannot take God's favor from us who are of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray for your nation and God's favor.

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