Thursday, April 14, 2016

Technical problem - Spiritual Gain

I had been in the habit of signing on to AOL, checking mail and then going to a conservative news source to read the news. There is not much good news to read. Something has gone wrong with my computer to where I am unable to sign on to the Internet on the first try. It requires that I shut down and sign on a second time. This has caused me to go to the E-Sword Bible that is a free download on my computer. I have uploaded in the "tools" category, several devotionals. I especially have been enjoying the devotionals of Morrison, George H. Morrison from the 19th century. He recently had a devotion on the 10 virgins, illustrating that we must be watchful and ready for the Lord's return. The next devotional was about the parable of the talents. A talent was a great deal of money, but Jesus through this parable expanded the meaning of a talent to the giftings of God to be used. He supplies the gifts and he gives us the power to use them for his glory. We are to be waiting, watching, but also busy using our talents to increase the kingdom of God. His power is with us, so awaken your gifts and talents to be used for his glory. He is a loving God who will receive us to glory, so do not despair, do not turn aside. Jesus is our good shepherd and he gave his life for us so that we may be with him forever. Start your day with the good news and download the free 
E-Sword Bible. A donation for the free Bible  would be accepted.

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