Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Use what you have

I am retired but not finished. Someone asked me, "well now that you have  retired from photography, what do you do?"  The shift is to use what God has given me to some benefit now and for eternity. I had majored in Industrial arts in college and worked with my brother to make a Cabinet shop. I moved from that dusty job to the darkroom and to the light, a painter with light is a phrase used for those who are photographers. Thinking back, there were a lot of things that I had some knowledge of, but I never put to use in the area of applied skills. Also things of the arts: music and cooking. Cooking is an art? It is a matter of taste? Why am I writing this? Nothing I have was not but a gift given by my Lord. All glory to God for his provision, giving me a wonderful wife and family and salvation for all of my family. The Lord has allowed me to share Jesus with others mostly on the Internet. I answer to him, he is my Lord and savior. I hear people saying, "the Lord told me this, or told me to tell you that...  Sometimes I think it is only their vanity speaking. If God has a message for me, he will tell me through His Spirit and usually from reading his word. The Spirit never speaks of himself, so why do so many speak of the Spirit? The Spirit of God speaks of Jesus and the things of God. It is important to discern the spirits, for there are many false teachers and false prophets now, in these last days. Test what you hear by the Spirit within and by the written word. We do not want to finish our life following a false teacher or Pastor. Be watchful.

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